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RollerLite® Easy Paint Kit For Bedrooms


RollerLite® Easy Paint Kit For Bedrooms

$ 29.99

The White Velvet™ Dralon® Woven fabric RollerLite® Max assembly combines mini roller technology with 9" roller coverage making it 40% lighter than the traditional cage frame assembly while providing a no-shed result on interior finishes. Ideal for smooth to textured surfaces and use with all paints, coatings, epoxies, and urethanes.

- 9” x 3/8” RollerLite® Max Woven Fabric Roller Cover (2 pieces).
- 9” RollerLite® Max Single Wire Frame.
- 2” Polyester Brush.
- Wood Extension.
- Latex Gloves
- Drop Cloth
- Tape
- Bucket Opener
- Plastic Tray


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